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Dial-In Dictation for Insurance & Legal Professionals
How Dial-In Dictation Works   A toll free 1-800 number is dialed via a touch-tone phone, your personal pass code is entered, then audio is dictated into the receiver or speaker of the telephone. You use the key pad to control the recording functions (play, rewind, pause, etc.). Upon completion of the call, a digital file is created and routed to us for transcription. Dial in dictation has many benefits, including:
  • no capital expenditure for equipment or software

  • no learning curve for portable recorder or dictation software

  • 24 hour service availability

  • ability to dictate from anywhere there is a phone, including while traveling

  • works as well for single professionals as it does for large corporations

  • the costs are only for the minutes you use

Whether you have five minutes per week or an hour or more, we are happy to assist you! Please contact us so that we can establish an account for you and send the instructions on how to use our easy 1-800 dial-in dictation system!

dial-in dictation is a fantastic service for any insurance professional to use for conducting interviews, meetings and notes. You can also use our dial-in dictation program to conduct group discussions with colleagues. When you are finished with your dictation, simply hang up and we will receive the audio file and email you a transcribed copy.

In addition, you will always have access to obtain a copy of the digital recording.

Contact us for complete information on how you can get started with our dial-in dictation service!

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