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Upload Digital Files for Insurance Transcription

About Uploading Digital Files
Uploading Audio Files for transcription is the most cost effective and quickest way to get your recordings transcribed.
You will be required to do a few things in order to use this service.

  • Apply for an FTP account with us. (this is your personal folder on our server to upload your audio files)

  • aquire an FTP client. (this is software used to transfer files efficiently)

  • learn how to transfer those files to our server

  • THATS IT!!
There are a wide variety of audio formats and each has it's own size/quality trade-offs. On one end of the spectrum you have uncompressed audio files which sound great, but are huge. On the opposite end you have highly compressed files such as DSS which are very small, but have poor sound quality.

We recommend that you record your audio for transcription at the highest quality possible to begin with and then convert it to MP3 for uploading. If you are uncomfortable with the procedures for compressing and uploading files, we recommend that you send us your audio via mail on CD. We may also provide telephone instruction for those who would like a "walk-thru" on the procedure.

We can accept WAV, MP3, AIFF, and DSS files uploaded directly to our server.

Our preferred format for digital audio files is MP3 using the following specifications:

Please name your file in some unique way but with a name not longer than 25 characters. For example: insurance_file_1.mp3, insurance_file_2.mp3 or jane_smith.mp3, john_doe.mp3, etc. (Use an underscore "_" instead of spaces " " if possible.)

Uploaded files and folder may NOT contain the following characters: &, %, : or @

To upload files to our FTP site you must use a separate piece of software called an FTP client. It is not possible to upload to our FTP site using Internet Explorer.

A wide variety of free FTP clients exist and you may use whichever one you feel comfortable with.

FTP Tutorials for Windows and Mac

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